Client: RXR

The historic Starrett-Lehigh building is a former goods terminal that served Chelsea ports and the Lehigh Railroad. Now a city within the City, Starrett-Lehigh is one of Manhattan’s largest and premier landmark properties with a history of attracting world-class creative companies and elite brands.




Refit and Upgrade, Special Customization for interior Front and Back House applications in a building known for the high visual standards of its managers and tenants.


Refitting of expiring technologies throughout the building, increasing light quality, decreasing energy consumption and maintenance costs, while providing custom solutions for critical Front of House lights.


Photonic Labs began by providing the client with SWA stairwell lighting.

The client then requested custom solutions for two critical lighting applications in the interior of the building. On this request, Photonic Labs developed two separate solutions. First, the Decorative Hanging Can replacing inefficient existing fixtures for a VIP-client area.

Second, Photonic Labs developed the Linear Pendant, a high-efficiency, high-quality area light for common and tenant areas – now a staple in the Photonic Labs product line.

Products Provided:

  1. Stairwell lights
  2. Custom Decorative Hanging Cans
  3. Custom Linear Pendants