Client: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the Lincoln Tunnel


Refit and Upgrade of a mission critical solution for one of the most demanding lighting environments in NYC, the Lincoln Tunnel.




Light the tunnel: high temperature, limited ventilation, 24-hour operation, mission critical lighting. Reduce high-energy and maintenance costs and near-daily tunnel shutdowns. Unify decades of expiring technology into one screw-in solution. The Lincoln Tunnel had multiple and varied lighting systems, all of which using expired HID / metal halide technologies. These systems required constant maintenance (changing of bulbs nearly every night), causing extreme costs and constant tunnel shutdowns. With the Super Bowl approaching, the Port Authority engaged various manufacturers, giants and start-ups, US and international. Only Photonic Labs was up to the test.


Full refitting of Lincoln Tunnel with a single custom LED solution. Photonic Labs provided a single custom retrofit solution for multiple existing fixtures, using 45W high-output screw-ins capable of operation under extreme tunnel conditions, and providing a high-quality and consistent light levels and color over the life of the bulb. Photonic Labs developed, manufactured and delivered over 2200 of these custom MHR Tunnel Lamps for the Port Authority, lowering Lincoln Tunnel energy and maintenance costs by over 70%, and practically ending tunnel shutdowns for lighting maintenance.

Product Provided:

  1. Custom developed MHR-45 Tunnel Lamp (Metal Halide Replacement)