Solar & Renewable Products

Photonic Lab’s Solar Powered products combine cutting edge proprietary technologies for solar energy collection with our solid state LED Light Engines in order to create the most efficient solar street light in the world. Photonic Lab’s Solar Street Light, with its unibody design is able to be powered 100% from energy collected by the integrated solar panel that is stored in the on-board battery backup system. The Solar Street Light features the Solid State functionality that you have come to expect only withPhotonic Laboratories products. Photonic Lab’s Solar Power System provides emergency and on-demand direct current power of up 600 watts per day capable of powering a TV, Refrigerator, LED Lights, Radio, and Cellphone. Contact GREENRG or an authorized partner for more information and to learn how our Solar Powered Technologies are capable of using the suns energy to bring power and light to your home, street or business.

See below for our current Solar/ LED Technology.