Scottsdale Direct Gas Station Canopy Light


The 90-watt Scottsdale Direct produces 130 lumens per watt of color-accurate illumination at 75% higher efficacy than 320w HIDs it replaces. The UL 1993 Listed lamp, tested by Intertek Testing Labs N.A., has a 5-year warranty and an expected operating life of 10 years. The Scottsdale Direct screws directly into the canopy fixture with its existing ballast, installing in seconds not minutes or hours. In most applications, the LED Scottsdale Direct Lamp will pay for itself in well under three years.

The LED Scottsdale Direct Lamp will revolutionize one of the most common industrial lighting applications in America, increasing true-color illumination and customer safety, while substantially decreasing energy and maintenance costs. Photonic Labs’ LED Scottsdale Direct Lamp – screw it in and forget it.

Photonic Laboratories is pleased to release the LED Scottsdale Direct Lamp, a screw-in retrofit canopy light at the NACS expo through its exclusive distribution partner, Pro-Signs, one of the most reputable names in retail petroleum signage since 1947. The partnership brings together Pro-Sign’s unrivaled expertise, experience and reach in retail petroleum market with Photonic Labs unrivaled LED products.

  • Easy installation (one individual)
  • E-39 base
  • High Efficacy – 9781 total lumens
  • Save over 70% in Energy and 90% in installation labor.
  • 3 Year Warranty- 7 year life expectancy
  • Replaces up to 320 watt metal halide.
  • Available in 4000k thru 5000K color temp.

Ballast Direct

As part of strategic expansion of Photonic Labs, the company is releasing a host of products previously unknown in the lighting space. The first of these is the Scottsdale Direct LED Lamp. Powered by Photonic Labs’ proprietary Ballast Direct technology, the Scottsdale Direct is a screw-in retrofit LED lamp designed to replace the expiring technology currently employed in the canopies of retail petroleum outlets throughout North America.




Car Dealerships

Condominiums & Apartments

Construction Sites


Parking Facilities



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