ERSA, our investment generates real energy savings

ERSA is our Energy Reduction Services Agreement program that covers all costs of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of Photonic Labs LED technology. We create, design, and install custom lighting solutions on a project-by-project basis that optimize your energy savings, rebates, and incentives.

ERSA projects are customized to meet client needs and include new and retrofit LED lighting, controls, networking, functionality, monitoring, emergency backup, and onsite solar harvesting, in addition to other lighting solutions.

ERSA utilizes energy savings provided by Photonic Lab’s LED lighting and other energy reducing technology as the source of financing lighting projects. Photonic Capital, our finance division provides complete turn-key financing. Read more about our successful ERSA installations.


    1. Photonic Laboratories sends a certified representative to conduct an energy audit of the current lighting
    2. Photonic Laboratories ascertains, and if necessary, designs custom replacement lighting
    3. Based on wattage reduction and maintenance savings, the overall energy savings is calculated, (a 60-80% reduction is typical)
    4. Clients enjoy 15-20% of the savings, and an immediate reduction in their lighting energy bills
    5. Photonic Capital, our finance division, utilizes the remaining energy savings to fund costs of manufacturing and installation; financing costs over a 5-7 year term with fixed monthly payments
    6. Photonic Laboratories warranties and maintains all products throughout the entire financing term