Photonic Laboratories, founded in 2008 under the brand GreenRG, is an American engineering and manufacturing company focused on key segments of applied photonics: the harvesting of solar energy, the transformation of solar and other renewable energies into power, the storage of electricity and its transformation into light through advanced LED technologies. Photonic Labs designs and manufactures its proprietary technologies in its New Jersey, USA production facility. In conjunction with Photonic Capital and the ERSA program, which provides qualified customers with zero initial investment costs, Photonic Labs takes pride in driving fundamental changes to the lighting industry that will directly affect your business and our world.

1Photonic Labs provides robust and flexible LED lighting solutions that improve light quality while decreasing energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon & toxic material footprint. In a market flooded by off-the-shelf LED products that fall short of expectations, Photonic Labs stands apart for its proprietary technologies developed by full time senior staff in our engineering department.

2Photonic Labs expands the functionality of your lighting systems by providing custom lighting solutions for your business, complete with sensoring, monitoring, networking and remote control. Contact us to schedule a free engineered audit of your facility. Today your fixtures produce light. In the future, your fixtures will provide light customized for your business. What was unthinkable, is now possible.

3Photonic Labs R&D is focused on decreasing your purchase and installation costs by providing Ballast Direct solutions across LED families. Our Ballast Direct products screw directly into existing fixtures using all critical electrical components. With our technology, it is no longer necessary to replace the whole fixture, you can simply replace the lamp.

4Photonic Labs is transforming the role of lighting in your business plan. With our specialized program, what today is a monthly operational cost can become a capital investment with an ROI that will surprise you.

We look forward to the future of lighting, and we look forward to working with you.

Photonic Laboratories delivers robust and scalable solutions for commercial, industrial and infrastructure lighting applications


LED lighting is 50 – 90% more efficient than currently available lighting technologies in most applications.

Light Quality

Our LED lighting systems produce crisp, high-CRI illumination through the range of color temperatures; warmer, cooler or true-color.


LED lamps last up to 3x longer than than fluorescent or HID lamps, and up to 10x longer than incandescent.


LED lamps emit light in specific, controllable directions, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.